3 Best Quiet Air Purifiers For Your Home or Office

3 Best Quiet Air Purifiers For Your  Home or Office

Quiet air purifiers are not easy to find. You need to have the best purifier that can clean your air of smoke, dust mites, pet danders, etc. and at the same time it has to run quietly. We have made your job easy by listing out 3 best quiet air purifiers available in the market now.

Levoit Quiet Air Purifiers

The Levoit air purifier comes with an advanced brushless motor.  This makes it consume less energy. 24-hour energy consumes is less than $6, which is less than 30% from other purifiers.

There are 3 stages of filtration.  Pre-filter, H13 true HEPA filter, and high efficiency activated carbon filter.  These work together and eliminates dust mites, mold spores, allergen, pet dander, smoke, volatile organic compounds, and odors.

The sleep mode runs at the lowest fan speed.  You get an undisturbed sleep.  The Vista 200 eliminates odors, even from pets and smokers.

There is also a gentle night light with two brightness levels.  You can disable it if you are sensitive to light.

3 Fan Speeds

Also, it comes with three fan speeds and timer settings. You can switch to low, medium, or high fan speeds.  

You can set the timings for 2, 4, or 8 hours to auto shut-off.  

This is CARB/ETL/CA/PROP 65 certified.

You are advised to use only genuine Levoit parts for replacement.  This helps in an excellent performance.  

The check filter indicates if it is time to get a new filter.  The filter is to be replaced every six to eight months.

In the package, you get an air purifier, 3-in-1 HEPA filter, and user manual.   You also get a 1-year warranty for the product.  In addition, you receive lifetime customer support from the California based team.  You can extend the warranty by registering your product online.

3 Best Quiet Air Purifiers For Your  Home or Office
3 Best Quiet Air Purifiers For Your Home or Office

Blueair Blue Pure 411 Silent Air Purifier

Blueair Blue Pure 411 air purifier gives you extremely quiet operation enabled by the advanced filter.  It gives you higher air flow at a lower n oise level.  Sound level is 17-46Db(a).

There is a 3-part filtration system that captures 99% of the common airborne pollutants.  For example, allergens, odors, smoke, dust mites, etc.

Activated carbon filter removes common odors caused by pets, cooking, gases, smoke caused by wildfires, etc.

The pre-filter is washable.  It captures large particles like pet hair and can be matched according to the decor.  Dark, blue, and grey pre-filters come with the package.  If you need other colors, you can purchase them separately.

This is designed for small to medium rooms, of around 100 square feet to 175 square feet.  Air inlet is 360 degrees.

These filters are energy star rated for best in class energy performance.  

Furthermore, these filters are recyclable.  It is suggested to be replaced every six months.  Energy consumption is 1.5 to 10 W

3 Best Quiet Air Purifiers For Your  Home or Office
3 Best Quiet Air Purifiers For Your Home or Office

Germ Guardian Air Purifier

Germ Guardian Desk office air purifier is a 3 in 1 desktop air purifier.  This is a true HEPA air filter, which reduces up to 99.97% of harmful germs dust, allergens, etc. it captures pollutants as small as 0.3 microns from the air.

The design is compact.  The 11-inch tabletop purifier is ideal for smaller rooms or offices.

Ultraviolet C light kill airborne viruses such as staph, rhinovirus, influenza, etc.  it works with titanium dioxide and reduces volatile organic compounds.

In addition, it reduces odors because of the presence of activated charcoal.

There are 3 speed setting and an optional UV C light.

These filters are ideal for small rooms up to 78 square feet. 

 CADR rating: Dust: 56, pollen 76, and smoke 50.

3 Best Quiet Air Purifiers For Your  Home or Office
3 Best Quiet Air Purifiers For Your Home or Office

In summary, we have listed the best quiet air purifiers for home or office here. These have great reviews and user feed backs. Check these out and grab the one for you.

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