3 Best Quiet Alarm Clocks: Which One is Yours?

3 Best Quiet Alarm Clocks: Which One is Yours?

Three best quiet alarm clocks are featured here. These clocks do not have the disturbing ticking sounds at night. You get a sound sleep as well as will be able to wake up at the desired time. Read on to find the best 3 and choose the one you like the most.

Betus Non-Ticking Twin Bell Quiet Alarm Clock

The Betus non-ticking alarm comes with a metal frame and a matte finish. It is easily readable with its high contrast face.  This is a timepiece with a great attractive look as well as functionality.

Quiet Alarm Clock:  This alarm clock operates quietly.  Ideal for people who are sensitive to sound or likes a quiet environment. 

Loud Alarm Bell:  The alarm bell is quite loud so in case if you are the one who sleeps even while a usual alarm clock is ringing, this is for sure to wake you up! 

Built-in backlight: The light helps you read the time even in the middle of the night without switching on your bedroom light to see the clock. Also, you can avoid the bright light of the cell phone if you are on the habit of checking the time on the phones.

The clock is 6.5 inches tall 4.5 inches width and 2. 5 inches deep.

The metal frame is with milky white matte finish.  It is powered by one AAA battery.

The clock comes with a free one year replacement warranty.

3 Best Quiet Alarm Clocks: Which One is Yours?

Braun Classic Analogue Alarm Clock

The Braun classic analogue alarm clock has quiet quartz movement.  

The beep alarm gets louder and frequent if left without turning off (crescendo beep alarm.)

The Braun quiet alarm clock also has integrated foot snooze and light function.  The snooze interval is five minutes and a light illuminates for five seconds.  You have to manually activate it to work this way.

The clock comes with a quiet precision quartz movement which is of new generation style.

The tipped hands are luminous and there is an iconic yellow second hand.

This clock works on one AAA battery, which is not included in the package.

3 Best Quiet Alarm Clocks: Which One is Yours?

Tech Tools Innovative Silent Vibrating Alarm

The Tech Tools’ innovative silent vibrating alarm does not disturb others while ringing. It vibrates to wake you up without any noise. You can wear on your wrist or keep under your pillow. This is ideal when others in the room do not want to be disturbed by your alarm bells.

You also have a choice whether you want an audible alarm setting or vibration setting.

This is loud enough that even hear-for-hearing persons could hear it properly.

Moreover, this alarm can be worn on your wrist and when you don’t want to wear it, you can detach it and place it under your pillow.

There is a built-in reminder.

In addition, there is a handy back light.

  • Vibrating Alarm
  • Silent
  • Useful for people with hearing problems
  • Worn on your wrist or under the pillow
3 Best Quiet Alarm Clocks: Which One is Yours?
3 Best Quiet Alarm Clocks: Which One is Yours?

In short, the above featured 3 best quiet alarm clocks are all equally good. We have presented the merits of each one to you. Now, it is your turn to pick yours. Go ahead, click the buy button and grab it now.

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