ABLEGRID Pyxis Wireless Earbuds: Reasons To Buy!

ABLEGRID Pyxis Wireless  Earbuds: Reasons To Buy!

ABLEGRID Pyxis Hi-Fi Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The ABLEGRID pyxis wireless earbuds are powered by cutting-edge intelligent chip. (Airoha AB 1532).  In addition, it has high-definition dynamic drivers.  This provides 15 times wider frequency than usual earbuds. 

Other features include crisp highs, booming bass, and crystal clear vocals.  

Within seconds, you gain access to the true 3D stereo music oasis.

Long Playtime and Standby

The Airoha chip cuts power consumption to the maximum.  It has two times the playtime of average earbuds in the same category.  It will give a continuous playtime of up to 5 to 6 hours with a full charge of earbuds.  This is great as you get to experience uninterrupted entertainment.

It has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and Airoha chip and because of the same, these earbuds give you connectivity that is stable and a smoother transmission with fewer dropouts.

In addition, you are able to use either one separately or switch between the two without delay or interruption.  No need for a master slavery code now.  Stereo or mono mode, you can decide for yourself.

The CVC6.0 noise canceling MEMS microphones, which are built in, these earphones gives you hands-free high clarity biaural calls. Furthermore, this effectively reduces vocal interference and you get a clearer conversation.

The earbuds come in a sealed casing.  It has internal nano-coating protection.  This helps protects against sweat and rain. (IPX5 waterproof).

These earbuds are great to use while jogging, running, bathing, gym activities etc.   The earbuds that are light and ergonomically designed, will stay in place even during vigorous movements.   Whatmore, they fit snugly enabling you even to sleep with it.

ABLEGRID Pyxis Wireless Earbuds: Features
ABLEGRID Pyxis Wireless Earbuds: Features


The ABLEGRID pyxis wireless earbuds are made with the latest high-end technology. They snugly fit your ears, they are wireless, noise-canceling, as well as Bluetooth enabled. If you like to check out more about these earbuds, all you have to do is click the buy now button and read the entire features and some user feedback too.

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