Best Beverage Fridge And Cooler: Find It Here!

best beverage refrigerator

If you are searching for the best beverage fridge, you are at the right place. These are the best in the functionality, looks as well as durability.

Having a beverage cooler at home or office is great. Whenever you want a chilled drink, all you have to go is a few feet away, to your fridge’s door. Also, it is perfect for entertaining your guests. The attractive and sleek looks of these refrigerators make it suitable for any interiors.

Whynter Beverage Fridge

The Whinter beverage refrigerator has a capacity of 120 standard 12 oz cans.  It measures 18. 5 inches length by 17 inches (width) by 33 inches height.   Furthermore, this glass door fridge has a black cabinet and stainless steel door frame. 

There is a mechanical temperature control and the temperature range is from  high 30 degrees fahrenheit to mid 60 degrees fahrenheit. 

There is a  soft interior LED lighting and it comes with the on and off switch.  The top shelf has 15 can capacity, second shelf with 15 can capacity and the third shelf with 15 can capacity and the fourth shelf with 25 can capacity, fifther shelf 25 can and the bottom section has a capacity of 25  cans.

It has a free standing set up.  In addition this fridge has a reversible door.  

This unit is great as a compact and efficient beverage display and refrigeration.  This is sleek and has a powerful compressor.  It also has an internal air cooled system.  This provides an evenly cooled space. 

Best Beverage Fridge And Cooler:  Find It Here!
Best Beverage Fridge And Cooler: Find It Here!

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

The NewAir beverage refrigerator and cooler has powerful refrigeration and chills drinks to as low as 37 degrees.

The roomy design can hold 126 cans in the attractive looking stainless steel design.

The storage racks are removable.  Hence it can create space for cans and bottles.

The thermostat is set-and-forget-it style and has 7 custom settings.

The double paned glass door is great in providing outstanding insulation.  This will keep the cold air right inside and keep your beverages chilled.  

This refrigerator is not too big and not too small.  Hence this NewAir beverage fridge can be a great for our home office, workshop etc.

Best Beverage Fridge And Cooler:  Find It Here!
Best Beverage Fridge And Cooler: Find It Here!

Frigidaire Retro Bar Fridge

Frigidaire retro bar fridge has a compact size.  Hence it can be placed anywhere where there is an electrical output.  The fridge is of 3.2 Cubic Foot and has a can opener. The side bottle opener is handy in opening any bottle with ease.

There is a 2 slide out adjustable spill proof glass shelves.  This allows you to keep your food storage conveniently.

In addition, you get an ice cube tray which is handy in making ice any time.

Best Beverage Fridge And Cooler:  Find It Here!
Best Beverage Fridge And Cooler: Find It Here!

In summary, the above given are the best beverage refrigerators that are selling like hot cakes in the market now. Check these out and choose yours, and grab it right away!

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