Best Gelato Machine For Making The Yummiest Desserts!

gelato machine
best gelato machine

Make those yummy Italian gelato desserts with the gelato machine described here. Gelato is supposed to have been created during the 16th century.  The recipe credit goes to Bernardo Bountalenti, who used to live in Florence.

Presented here are the 3 best machines for making those ice creams or gelato right at your home. Now you can enjoy frozen desserts at any time and also surprise your guests!

Cuisinart ICE-100 Gelato Machine

The cuisinart gelato maker has 2 paddles; gelato paddle forauthentic gelato and an icecream paddlefor making yummy ice creams.

In addition, it has a 60-minute countdown timer.this has touchpad controls as well as a blue LCD readout. 

There is also the 10-minute keep cool feature that can keep the gelato cool after the timer has gone off.

Moreover, the machine is BPA free.

This machine has a fully automatic commercial quality compressor. 

The ice cream/gelato bowl capacity is 1.5 quart.

With this Cuisinart gelato maker/ice cream machine, you can make creamy gelato right at your home.

The commercial style compressor enables you to make gelato or ice cream batch after batch.

Furthermore, you get a recipe book that features a variety of flavors. You can also add your favorite ingredients like fruits chocolate chunks etc. during the mixing process through the see-through lid.

Best Gelato Machine For Making The Yummiest Desserts!
Best Gelato Machine For Making The Yummiest Desserts!

Lello Musso Pola 5030 Dessert Maker

The Lello Musso Pola gelato maker is a 2-quart capacity electric ice cream machine.  You can make around 6 quarts of ice cream or gelato per hour in this gelato maker.

This machine has a stainless steel housing and blade. This provides durability with a classic finish.

This gelato maker is made in Italy.

You can make desserts including rich ice cream, fresh fruit sorbets, gelato, frozen drinks, frozen yogurt, etc. in this machine very easily.  Moreover, this machine has a self-contained freezing unit, that requires no salt or ice.

Best Gelato Machine For Making The Yummiest Desserts!
Best Gelato Machine For Making The Yummiest Desserts!

Nostalgia Gelato Maker Made from Light Wood

The Nostalgia electric gelato maker has a 4-quart capacity.  It can make frozen desserts enough to feed everyone. 

This gelato maker is an old fashioned one. If you like to fly back to the old memories, this is the right ice cream maker for you.

The unit works great with theNostalgia ice cream kits.

Cleaning up the machine is pretty easy.  There is a plastic bucket that wipes away messes with ease.

The lid is see-through.  You can keep the leftover ice cream in the freezer by covering the canister with this lid. 

There is no manual effort necessary.  The motor is powerful and runs through electricity. 

The electric motor locks into place. Hence all parts are secure.

Best Gelato Machine For Making The Yummiest Desserts!
Best Gelato Machine For Making The Yummiest Desserts!

In summary, these are the best gelato makers available in the market that are selling like hotcakes. These help you in making lip-smacking gelato of your favorite flavor right at your home. Now, what are you waiting for? just choose one among these three and grab it by clicking the buy now button.

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