Best Long Slot Toaster For Those Amazing Artisan Bread!

best long slot toaster

Your search for the best long slot toaster ends here. We have selected the best long slot toasters for those large artisan bread and sour bread keeping in mind the efficiency, the sleek looks, and functionality in each of these toasters. Read on find the best among these bests.

IKICH Long Slot Toaster With 6 Browning Settings

Nothing like a freshly toasted bread in the morning with the soothing aroma of the bread toasted to perfection. Here the first long slot toaster we present to you is the IKICH toaster.

The IKICH toaster is a wonderful little appliance that you could use for toasting longer and wider bread, like artisan bread or sourdough bread.  This is also a 4 slices toaster where you can toast 4 slices at the same time.  This is useful in toasting muffins, sandwich bread, Pullman loaf, etc. 

You also have the choice with 6-install toasting gears, dry out the bread, light browning setting, golden brown setting, deep lighter browning setting, etc.

This compact toaster is also big enough and will fit into your kitchen corner occupying minimum space.

There is also a built-in warming rack that is longer and there are 3 smart functions. You could just push the back lift lever down and the warming rack will open.  You could reheat pastry, rolls, or croissants.

This smart toaster is easy to clean and store.  It comes with a crumb tray and cord wrap.

In the IKICH stainless steel toaster, the bread crumbs are collected in the tray at the bottom of the toaster.  This tray is removable. You could pull it out and clean it right away.   It also has a cord wrap under the toaster where you could tug the cord away.

The heating power of this toaster is 1300 W High Power.

The rated voltage is 120 V.

Best Long Slot Toaster For Those Amazing Artisan Bread!
Best Long Slot Toaster For Those Amazing Artisan Bread!

Elite Platinum Toaster With Wide Slot

The Elite platinum long slot 4 slice toaster is extra wide for bread, beagles, buns croissants, etc.  The extra-wide long slots can hold up to 4 slices of bread at a time.  

The crumb tray is removable and hence easy to clean.

There are six adjustable toast shade settings. 

The design is a compact and space saving.

There is a built-in warming rack which is useful in heating up bigger breads.

The feet is non-skid, so it secures the toaster in place.

There is also the Cancel, Reheat and Defrost buttons for your convenience.

Best Long Slot Toaster For Those Amazing Artisan Bread!
Best Long Slot Toaster For Those Amazing Artisan Bread!

CUSIMAX Toaster With Glass Window

The most interesting feature of the Cusimax wide slot toaster is that it has glass viewing windows on both sides.  This makes it convenient for you to check the bread shade at a glance while it is toasting. You could press the Cancel button and stop the toasting at any time if you wish and take out the bread at the right time as you wish.

The Cusimax toaster is made of fully brushed stainless steel and food grade tempered glass body.  There are no plastic parts inside to worry you.

This Cusimax bagel toaster has an automatic lifting lever.  You do not need to manually raise or lower the bread.  It is convenient as you do not need to worry about bread falling down while taking out.

The heating is done with a quartz tube.  Thus the bread can be evenly toasted.  

There are 7 levels for the perfect toasting.  It starts with the light brown and goes to the next 6 levels and you could choose your shade according your taste.

There are functions of bagel and defrost settings.  

This is stainless steel toaster has 1.5 inches extra wide long slot.  Hence you can toast all kinds of bread like bagles, waffles, artisan bread, sandwiches etc.

The slide out glass panels of the toaster prevents bread crumbs from falling on both sides.  The bread crumbs collects into a removable tray below.  This can be pulled out and cleaned.  

There is also a wire winding placed towards the bottom.  So you can wind the cords to the slot after finishing your usage.

Best Long Slot Toaster For Those Amazing Artisan Bread!
Best Long Slot Toaster For Those Amazing Artisan Bread!

In summary, these are great ones in the best long slot toaster for the artisan bread category. Check each one out and grab your choice right away by clicking the Buy Now button. Start your mornings with the aroma and taste of the perfectly toasted bread!

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