Best Wired Silent Mouse: Find It Here!

Best Wired Silent Mouse: Find It Here!

Your search for a best wired silent mouse ends here. Featuring here are the best in this category. all you have to do is go through them and choose yours and grab it right away!

Noiseless USB Optical Gaming Computer Wheel Mouse JNL-101K Black

The noiseless USB optical gaming computer wheel mouse is 1600 DPI and super quiet. It has patented noiseless click switches. In addition, it offers an adjustable DPI. This mouse is 95% quieter than the conventional existing products.  

The JSCO noiseless mouse is great for libraries, schools and universities.  The click sound is quieter than the keyboard click.   

The mouse click sound is 33.7 dB.

Furthermore, the mouse driver is detected automatically by windows. However if you are using windows 2003, you may need to install a universal mouse driver.

The scrolls wheel is not silent. 

Best Wired Silent Mouse: Find It Here!
Best Wired Silent Mouse: Find It Here!

Macally Silent Wired Mouse – Slim & Compact USB Mouse

The Macally mouse is a universally compatible mouse that you just have to plug and play. No drivers are needed.  This is also a perfect replacement for Apple wired mouse or PC mouse.  This will work seamlessly across all platforms.  This is cost-effective too.

This mouse is quiet and efficient.  It does not have any unnecessary complicated features or muttons.  

There is no need for any drivers. You can just plug and play.  

The mouse is slim and comfortable.  Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, the corded mouse is comfortable to use.  It is compact and hence very little space is needed.

No batteries are needed.  It has the perfect length for a USB wired mouse.  Furthermore, it is long enough and can accommodate every computer setups without latency.

Best Wired Silent Mouse: Find It Here!
Best Wired Silent Mouse: Find It Here!

VicTsing Wireless Mouse Rechargeable, Big Size Ergonomic Design

The VicTsing wireless mouse is a quickly chargeable one.  It has a self-contained 300 mAh lithium battery that can run up to 30 days for daily use.   It will only take 1-2 hours of charging time to get fully charged.  

This mouse has the newest ergonomic design in 2020. The structure of the left/right buttons is separated from the upper cover.

Thus it is easy to click and is more durable.  The thumb concave helps to reduce finger discomfort.  

You get a 90% noise reduction.  The clicks are very quiet and soft.  What more, the scroll wheel is also silent.  

You can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse whenever you want.  You get5 DPI levels to choose from (800-1200-1600-2000-2400).   There are also 6 buttons with multifunctions.  

This mouse has a modern and sleek design.  This has a skin-friendly frosted material that has Y shaped texture on its sides.  The VicTsing asymmetric mouse is non-slip, anti-sweat as well as fingerprint-resistant.  It looks chic and high end on your table.

In summary, the above three mouses are super quiet, well designed, and long-lasting wired ones. If you are working on a public place where silence is maintained like a library, or at home when you are noise sensitive, these works great for you. These are easy to maintain as well as cost-effective. Now, go ahead and grab yours right away!

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