Cold brew Coffee Jug: The Best Of Them Are Here!

cold brew coffee jug

Looking for the best cold brew coffee jug? you are at the right place. featured here are the three efficient and well designed coffee jugs for cold brew.

BTäT Cold Brew Pitcher

BTaT cold brew maker gives you smooth delicious cold brew coffee and tea at home.  You can easily make 2.0 quart of perfect cold brew coffee/tea. 

The sealing lid is 100% airtight.  Hence it locks the flavor and keeps the brew fresh for weeks.  

The silicone sealing design has BPA free silicone.  The airtight lid slows down oxidation.  As a result, the coffee will stay fresh as just when you made it.

The stainless steel filter is removable. It is rust free. In addition it is very easy to clean.

This cold brew maker is made of extra thick borosilicate glass. 

The iced coffee pot can withstand any amount of temperature. Moreover, the BTaT cold brew maker is dishwasher safe. 

It has the wide opening which makes it easy to clean. 

Furthermore, this glass coffee maker jar is designed to fit in almost all refrigerators.

Cold brew Coffee Jug: The Best Of Them Are Here!
Cold brew Coffee Jug: The Best Of Them Are Here!

Bean Envy Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The Bean Envy cold brew coffee maker is made with premium quality glass. So if you like to get that cold brew maker glass jar, this product is the ideal one.  

This beautiful jug has a cold brew system that can give you 70% less acidity per brew when compared to traditional iced/hot coffee.  The concentrated flavor from this brewing system gives you rich smooth coffee. It also comes with a tight-fitting silicone cap.

This brewer has 304 stainless steel precision-cut filters. In addition, it has the BPA free silicone rings, thick and durable shock-resistant borosilicate carafe.  The non-slip base design is a patent-pending one.  

This Bean Envy coffee maker is fun, easy to brew, store as well as clean.  It also has a user manual with step-by-step instructions.  You can clean it in seconds and has an FDA food-grade filter.  

What more, it comes with an amazing design and goes well with the decor of your home or office.

Above all, you get a lifetime warranty for this product.

Cold brew Coffee Jug: The Best Of Them Are Here!
Cold brew Coffee Jug: The Best Of Them Are Here!

Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Jar

The Takeya cold brew coffee maker is made of durable BPA free material.  It has an airtight lid and non-slip silicone handle for your convenience.  It can produce eight servings of smooth cold brew, no matter what type of coffee grounds you add into it. Furthermore, the coffee made in this pitcher is less acidic than traditional coffee brewing. 

The coffee maker has a fine mesh coffee filter.  This keeps the grounds out of your freshly brewed pot.  Moreover, the Tritan plastic withstands hot temperatures.  It can fit into any refrigerator doors.

Cold brew Coffee Jug: The Best Of Them Are Here!
Cold brew Coffee Jug: The Best Of Them Are Here!

Coffee is an inevitable part of our lives. Wake up to the aroma and freshness of a coffee brew using these cold brew coffee jugs. Check each one out and grab the one you like the most by clicking the buy now button. These are simple, affordable, and stylish for your interiors too!

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