Electric Eraser For Artistes: These Are the Best!

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Electric erasers are a boon if you are someone who draws or sketches. This simplifies your work and saves a lot of energy. Here we are listing out the best electric erasers for you to choose from.

Afmat Electric Eraser for Artistes

The Afmat electric eraser comes with a built-in 600mAh Li-ion battery.  This eraser can be used 600 times after charging.  There is no need to buy batteries. 

The electric eraser pen package comes with 2 USB cables, 80 big refills, 200 small refills, and two brushes.

There are two holders for these erasers.  Moreover, two types of erasers come with the package, one thick one and one thin one. You can create thick highlights using the thick one. You can use the thin one to erase tiny parts like a hair drawing.

Moreover, the electronic eraser for sketching, painting, architectural plans, drawing, etc., is in a circular shape, while usual erasers are in large rectangle shape. 

Above all, instead of a large rectangular shape, this automatic eraser has a circular shape that is more comfortable to hold. Simply push the button to remove the marks.

What more, the circular movement and strong motor allow you to erase targeted areas effectively and precisely. Exert only slight pressure and you will have huge power.

Furthermore, there is also a big eraser fills available so you could use this eraser for a long time.

Electric Eraser For Artistes: These Are the Best!
Electric Eraser For Artistes: These Are the Best!

Helix Automatic Battery Powered Eraser

The helix automatic eraser is super easy to use.  It works with 2 AA batteries.  

The eraser tip which is precise makes detailed erasing and feathering a breeze.

Furthermore, the Helix automatic eraser has a curved shape.  Hence it is easy to hold and control.

However, the package does not contain the batteries.

In addition, this electronic eraser is great for highlighting, airbrushing, and erasing the spots where it is usually tough to erase. 

Moreover, this is eraser is durable and battery-powered. It does its job efficiently.

Electric Eraser For Artistes: These Are the Best!
Electric Eraser For Artistes: These Are the Best!

Sakura SumoGrip Electric Eraser, Black

The sakura SumoGrip electric eraser is cordless electric eraser. 

In addition, it has a durable motor which lasts long and has strong torque producing over 10,000 RPM.

The eraser has a contoured handle to give you a firm grip.  The eraser is pocket-sized and rounded. In addition to this, it is designed ergonomically. As a result, you could use it for long hours without any strain.

Moreover, the Sakura eraser is powered by 2 AAA batteries. The package includes the batteries.

Also, the package includes two eraser holder “chucks.”

In addition, the package includes 20 more white vinyl eraser refills.

Furthermore, these helps remove pencil and graphite marks on paper and instructions.

Electric Eraser For Artistes: These Are the Best!
Electric Eraser For Artistes: These Are the Best!

In summary, these very useful electric erasers are a must for any artist, students who draws and sketches, or even architects who draft plans designs. We have listed the best of electronic erasers here, and all you have to do is click the Buy Now button and check out more and grab them!

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