Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Hearing Protector Ear Muff

Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Hearing Protector Ear Muff

The Peltor Sport Tactical 500 is ergonomically designed for superb comfort and functionality while hunting. The versatility here is great, which means you can use these for a wide range of uses such as construction work. These earmuffs are one of the most expensive in this buyer’s guide so you’ll need to decide if the quality implemented is worth the asking price.

Noise Reduction

The earmuffs reduce noise by up to 26 decibels so that very loud noises don’t harm your ears. They are designed to avoid ear damage for gunfire. Therefore, you can trust these earmuffs to handle other sounds with ease.

Large Ear Cups

The large ear cups with soft padding mean the touch on the skin is pleasant allowing for long wearing sessions. They are also foldable so you can reduce the bulky earmuffs down the size for easier storage. The headband has no padding on the underside, but there are gaps for excellent ventilation. Overall, lightweight materials are used to reduce the weight down so the wearing experience is not cumbersome.

Battery Life

The Bluetooth connection runs on 2 AA batteries that are not included in the package. At this steep price the manufacturer could have included the batteries to add extra value and avoid frustration. The estimated battery life is around 40-90 hours, and it depends on how you make use of the earmuffs. Furthermore, the specific batteries used also plays a big role in determining battery life.

Reduced Wind

A retractable durable microphone is added that picks up vocals with a high degree of clarity. Also, wind and fan noise is reduced so the recipient at the other end of the call can hear you well. Therefore, these Peltor Sport Tactical 500 earmuffs are ideal for taking regular calls while hunting or working.

Other Benefits

The NRR is 26 dB noise reduction rating.

This can be used best both indoor and outdoor. Ideal for shooters/hunters.

The Bluetooth technology is great for music and calls.

The dynamic suppression time measures the energy in the noise and automatically sets suppression time. This reduces echoes and increases the comfort level.

The clear voice tracking filters noise for better speech recognition.

The durable recessed microphones help to prevent dame and also reduce wind noise.


To summarize, the Peltor Sport Tactical 500 is the right choice for buyers that demand high-performance and have a sizeable budget. The combination of a comfortable fit, great mic implementation, and long battery life means they are worth the asking price.

Weight: 10.9 ounces

Battery life: 40-90 hours

Noise reduction: 26 decibels

The Pros

Long battery life

Very durable and comfortable

Good mic implementation

The Cons

AA batteries not included.

Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Hearing Protector Ear Muff
Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Hearing Protector Ear Muff

A Bluetooth Earmuff Buyer’s Guide

Bluetooth earmuffs like any other product need to first take into consideration the user’s comfort. But a first-time buyer would be confused about what to choose given the sea of options available in the market at the most competitive prices. We have analyzed users and various products to author this article that lists some of the most critical features to note while buying Bluetooth earmuffs. You could consider this as a guide to ensure the right purchase


The market is flooded with brands – both known and unknown. It is not always necessary that the well-known brands come up with the best products. The users need not hold back from trying the new ones. Users can get to know more about the brand, its after-sales support from user reviews, and also from websites that review the products. The discussions would also let the user find more on product durability and drawbacks. 

Audio Quality

Audio quality is a vital factor to consider while buying earmuffs. Most of the users purchase these earmuffs to escape the loud noises, but if the sound quality is compromised and frequency levels not taken care of, then it could damage the ears and affect hearing capacity adversely.

The ideal frequency response would be 20-20,000Hz. Bluetooth 4x would be the perfect choice to avoid audio hiccups. Audio drivers (measured in mm) with at least 40 mm guarantees a better experience.


While almost all brands mentioned in this guide are durable and would not break with a single fall, it is noted that they are not waterproof.  The user must have a look at the brand manual to check the warranty period and also against what damages it holds good. They are dustproof and made of long-lasting materials making it the best combo for outdoor use.

Headband and Ear cups: 

The headband must be well padded and easily adjustable so that the user can be comfortable wearing the same and also can adjust it according to his needs. Earcups must also have padding and must cover the ear completely to keep out the noise. If the earmuffs are heavy working with them all day long can be painful. We have listed out some lightweight ones in this guide.

Battery Life: 

Battery time per charge indicates the life of the battery. This is determined by the time of device usage and also its purpose. If the earmuffs are mostly used only for noise reduction, then the charge will last longer. All earmuffs do not come with the rechargeable batteries. Plan your usage and then make the right choice. If your usage is going to be longer, it does not make sense to go with non-rechargeable batteries. 


Bluetooth connectivity and range need to be checked. 4x Bluetooth can help with 33 feet connectivity which is a good option.

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