Portable Fridge Freezer: These Are The Best Ones!

portable fridge freezer

Your search for the best portable fridge freezer ends here. We have chosen the hot selling ones for your convenience. Now all you have to do is pick yours!

Whynter FM-65G Portable Refrigerator

The Whynter portable refrigerator  has 65 quarts or 107 cans capacity.  It has an adjustable temperature range from -8 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees fahrenheit.  This fridge has an LED temperature display.  In addition, the “fast freeze” mode rapidly cools to -8 degrees fahrenheit.

You get an 8-feet AC power cord and 10 free DC power code with this portable fridge.  There are two removable wire baskets, insulated lid and walls.  

Furthermore, this fridge can function even when tilted to 30 degrees.  The steel housing has solid and tough outer powder coating.  There is also the drain plug to facilitate easy cleaning. The side handles are made of stainless steel.

The Whynter FM-65G  is 75 Watts.  It has a net weight of 57 pounds.  

This can be used as a car freezer or for home or office.  This can also be a camping freezer or fridge.

Portable Fridge Freezer: These Are The Best Ones!
Portable Fridge Freezer: These Are The Best Ones!

ARB 10801472 Fridge Freezer

The ARB fridge freezer has a new transmitting module that utilizes bluetooth connectivity.  This is helpful in monitoring and controlling the fridge freezer.  The mobile app is available for free through Google Plya or Apple App store.  

The fridge has a gun-metal colored body.  It provides a smart and sleek look as well as improved UV resistance. 

The control panel buttons are backlit so that you could easily use it even in poorly lit conditions.  It has also a customizable dimmable display.  

Portable Fridge Freezer: These Are The Best Ones!
Portable Fridge Freezer: These Are The Best Ones!

Aspenora 37-Quart Portable Freezer Fridge

The Aspenora 37 quart portable freezer/fridge has two compartments.  One is smaller with 6 inches of width and a large deep freezer area. This helps in storing more food according to their freezing/cooling needs. 

There are eight fast and responsive touch control buttons.  In addition, the LCD display is bright and it is easy for you to set the exact temperature.  Moreover, the locking feature helps in preventing any accidental changes.  

The compressor runs more efficiently with the aluminium core design.  There is thick insulation of 1.57 inches that helps in maintaining 10 hours cooling even after the power is turned off.  This also helps in extending the life of the compressor.  

When the input is lower than the minimum voltage, the compressor will power off.  This helps in saving the car battery too.

The anti pinching design is great in that it avoids fingers being pinched and also the closing the door in slow motion is helpful in preventing the slamming. 

The bright aluminium case comes with a chic design.  In addition, it is dirt resistant.  It can be cleaned easily too.  The handle is detachable.  Hence it is suitable for fixing the freezer in the car and also removing it whenever necessary to create more space.  The drain plug is also provided so that you can clean the inner area easily.

Portable Fridge Freezer: These Are The Best Ones!
Portable Fridge Freezer: These Are The Best Ones!

In summary, the above 3 are the best portable freezer refrigerators available in the market today. All of them are great in their functionality and design. Now, what are you waiting for? Just click the buy now button and grab yours!

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