The Best Small Quiet Blender for Smoothies are Here!

The Best Small Quiet Blender for Smoothies are Here!

Are you on the look out for the best small quiet blender for smoothies and shakes? We are presenting here the best in this category. Check each one out and choose the one that suits you the most.

Dash Chef Series Deluxe 64 oz Blender

The Dash Chef Series Deluxe blender is a well-designed, sleek, and compact blender that will make amazing smoothies and also grind, chop, dice, puree veggies and fruits.  

Furthermore, this blender occupies the least space and has a pleasing aqua color to match any décor.

There is a built-in USB port that comes in handy in charging your mobile if needed.  Moreover, the base of the blender is useful as a stand for your mobile or tablet too.  

It has a very strong, unbreakable Tritan pitcher.  In addition, there are 6-commercial grade Japanese stainless steel blades.  

You get 8 presets along with a manual.  Rinse Puree Soup smoothie, frozen, crush, nut butter, flour.  What more do you need in a blender!  You could grind tough stuff like nuts and flour grains too!

The spout is a no-drip one with a self-cleaning function.  Also, you can choose the Rinse function by adding some warm water and soap and the blender will do the cleaning on its own!

Make hot and cold beverages/soups with the help of this blender and enjoy the goodness of great taste .  

This small blender does not make as much noise as the other blenders of the same type. What more, the Dash Chef choice blender is relatively less noisy and does its work amazingly well.

In addition, this is a U.S.-based company that provides contact information and support locally.

Best Small Quiet Blender for Smoothies
The Best Small Quiet Blender for Smoothies- Choose Yours Here!

Sboly Single Serve Blender for Smoothies and Shakes

Sboly personal blender is a small-sized blender just apt for you if you want a tiny one to fit into your countertop.  The simple one-touch operation helps you to make smoothies on the go.  You can also pull the portable cup off from the base and carry it anywhere.  

This compact blender has a 300W motor.  In addition, it is featured in a compressed and unique design.  The four stainless steel blades are ultra-sharp that make sure your fruits/vegetables are crushed into tiny pieces in seconds making it the best blender for smoothies. Without a doubt, the Sboly single-serve blender is the best personal blender that is quiet and sleek as well.

BPA Free

All parts of this blender are BPA-free.  However, it is advised not to blend frozen fruits or blend with less than 1/3 liquid.  It has an overheating prevention system and automatic recovery function. 

The Tritan portable blender cup is of 20-ounce capacity and can be cleaned easily.  An additional brush is provided to make washing effortless.  Furthermore, the parts are dishwasher safe as well.

What more, it comes with an additional ice cube tray. 

The Best Small Quiet Blender for Smoothies are Here!

Blendtec – Original Designer Blender – WildSide+ Jar

Blendtec original designer blender has a sleek and slim feature, which is great if you are looking for a compact blender.  It comes with 8 speeds so that you can choose the right speeds according to what you are blending.  You can adjust the blending even while the process of blending. 

LED Display

The LED display shows the duration and time remaining on the blend cycle. The internal baffling system helps in reducing the noise levels.  There are touchscreen controls that give the machine its sleek silhouette.  It can be easily wiped clean as well.

What more, the blade is patented and is 80% thicker.  It has stainless steel forged bade with wings.  Hence you get very smooth blends.  Moreover, the Blendtec blender blades are 10 times stronger than other blender blades.  Th interesting fact is that the blade is not sharp, but it is dull.  This is great as it won’t poke or hurt you while cleaning.


Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Personal Blender for Smoothies

This is a small blender that will occupy only minimal space on the countertop.  However, this has the power of a full-size blender for shakes and smoothies.  

The Sure Blend technology the Hamilton Beach 800 W single serve personal blender features, pulls the ingredients down into the blades for really smooth fruit smoothies, protein sakes, frozen cocktails etc.

Furthermore, the ice-crushing blades are made of durable stainless steel.  

The intuitive blend and pulse function can tackle any recipe with precision.

Moreover, the leakproof flip-top lid can be fitted on the 20-ounce blender jar.  This is great for carrying the smoothies/shakes along with you very conveniently.

What more, this blender has a patent-pending hinged sound shield that muffles noise for a quiet blending.  As a result, you get a balanced buffered sound.

The Best Small Quiet Blender for Smoothies are Here!
Hamilton Beach Blender

The Black + Decker BL 1220SG Blender

The Black + Decker BL 1220SG 6-cup blender is the quiet one compared to others.   It does not produce too much noise. 

You can choose from four variations of speed.  As a result, from smooth blending to powerful ice crushing you can do anything by just changing the speed settings.

In addition, the parts are dishwasher safe and are removable.

Moreover, the spout of the pouring glass jar is molded for easy and spill-free pouring.

The pour spout is hinged and recloseable and hence lets you pour with the lid attached. If you are looking for the best blender 2021, this is the one!

Black + Decker Quiet Blender
Best small quiet blender for smoothies

How to Quiet a Blender – a Few Tips

If you wish to quieten your existing blender or even the moderately quiet blenders, here are a few tips.

An age-old trick is to keep a thick towel folded into two or four layers and keep it under the blender. This will surely reduce the noise levels as the towel will absorb much of the noise.

The second tip is to keep the blender away from the walls. There is a tendency to make the sound feel louder if it is kept closer to the wall.

Bottom Line

The best small quiet blenders for smoothies or shakes are listed above. Some are really quiet, some are moderately quiet. Again, some of them are not very small, but some are really sleek and compact. By now you might have found out the one that you want to buy, now without further delay, just click the buy now button and own them right away!

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